Black History Month with Prop Box Plays

Do something different for Black History Month this year – create a Prop Box Play on the contributions of different African Americans in U.S. History. My students love bringing history to life with plays and skits – and a Prop Box Play adds the structure you need for group work to actually work!
Follow these easy steps for your Prop Box Play:
·      Set up your prop box.  This is an easy step! Run around your house and throw different items in a box! I have used left over tissue paper from Christmas, ribbon, yarn from an old project and some ugly scarfs that I never wear.  Of course you will need the standard classroom supplies such as glue, a stapler and markers. Just give your kids plenty of materials and opportunities to be creative.
·      Create your groups. You will need to create groups of four for your students.  I hardly ever let my students choose their groups – too many opportunities for distraction!  Each student in the group will have a different role – Director, Scriptwriter, Historical Consultant or  Prop Master. These are clearly defined roles and allow you to monitor the group’s progress.
The Scriptwriter is leading a discussion oncreating their play.
·      Choose your topics and set up your folders.  Each folder will need to include the step by step instructions for a Prop Box Play, a checkoff sheet, a rubric and a reading passage.  I used Black History Month passages from The Sweetest Thing on TPT. To add a little extra spice, I printed up Black History Month Clip Art from Drawings with John – Beautiful!


Setting up folders before the activity will allow your students to focus on what is important.
·      Give your students TIME!They will need to research their topics, create their script and props, and rehearse their play.




·      ENJOY your kids’ creativity!This is your opportunity to let your kids shine – consider videotaping their performance to show parents or other students. Use a rubric for easy grading and feedback to each group.






Thank you so much to the teachers in Alief ISD who allowed me to use their pictures for my blog! I really enjoyed my day in our training!
If you try a Prop Box Play, let me know how they worked for you.


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