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I am so excited to connect with Jaclyn – she has great ideas for Social Studies instruction in Kindergarten!

Hello! My name is Jaclyn Amato and I am the creator of the Teachers Pay Teachers Store, Fun in 401! Today, I’d like to share with you one my newest and (quickly becoming) my favorite product! In this past unit, we had to introduce wants and needs. While there so many wonderful resource out there, I wanted something quick, easy, and fun. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I created my own!

Day 1: We started out with creating a classroom anchor chart. I gave each student a small piece of paper designed for them to illustrate something and then circle if it is a want or a need. After they were done we brought our piece of paper to the floor and to create our anchor chart. Each time a child came up, I would ask them, “Is that something you NEED to SURVIVE?”  They quickly realized that if they illustrated food, water, shelter, or air, the answer was yes. Side note: I knew nobody would illustrate air, so I had a few students draw themselves outside playing, to get them to understand the need.

Day 2: We reviewed our chart and discussed it using our turn and talk partners on the floor. I tried my best to step back, and let the children discuss what was on the chart and why it was in that column. We had a group discussion about things we had at home. We asked questions like, “Do we need them to survive?” To help facilitate a group discussion, I have the students sit in a circle and pass around a ball. Whoever has the ball gets to speak. Simple concept that works in kindergarten!

Day 3: Time to write! The packet includes a writing sheet that says, “I need … but I want …” I wrote the four things we need to survive on the board. It was their job to copy one down and then come up with their own want. My favorite one is shown below. I need water and food, but I want a baby sister…

Day 4: Flip book time! We created the flip book page by page and reviewed each page as we went along. I love making flip books! They are fun, creative, and the kids don’t even realize they are learning!
Day 5: Color Code Worksheet! At the end of the week I gave out this paper as a “quiz.” This was to show if they students understood the concept or if I needed to review further next week. Luckily, the kiddos did a great job!

Overall, I am very happy with how the unit went. After the success in my classroom, I jazzed it up, added a little more, and put it up in my store. Also, all the work shown is student created, all by the same adorable student who really wants that baby sister!

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