Texas Regions – In Spanish

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This activity is designed for our Spanish speaking students. The activity and all of the handouts are in Spanish, while the teacher directions are in English.

Which is the best Texas region to live in? Students will explore this essential question as they take an imaginary field trip around the great state of Texas in the “Bus Tour of Texas”. Students will begin the lesson with a preview assignment – where have they visited in Texas? Where would they want to live? They will then grab a partner, and go on a field trip of the different regions of Texas. Your kids will see images of the regions out of the “bus window”, and then go to 4 different bus stops at different locations around the state. At each bus stop, they will exit the bus, read information about their bus stop, answer questions and write a post card “home” summarizing what they have learned. They will conclude the activity by making a brochure advertising the best Texas region.

When you purchase this activity you will receive:
-a presentation to use as your bus tour around Texas
-a script to read for each of the different images
-a graphic organizer to take notes
-placards for 4 different bus stops
-directions for the bus stop post cards

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