Texas Tribes American Indians of Texas Task Cards for Texas History 7th Grade

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Review the Native Americans of Texas with games for your students. There are 24 question cards that are a combination of recall, text analysis, maps and images. Challenge your students at a variety of levels! Differentiate by giving certain cards to your students. A blank template is included at the end if you wish to include more questions. The answer sheet has space for up to 30 questions. I recommend that you laminate the cards so that you can use them year after year.

These task cards have multiple uses in your classroom. You can:
– Set up centers to review for a test.
– Play a game of “Scoot”. Place the task cards around the room and allow students to travel from one card to the next as they answer the questions.
– Use them as an anchor station as you reteach small groups.
– Need a quick formative assessment? Pass out a few of these task cards and have students answer them at the end of a lesson.

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2019 TEKS
7th Grade

(2) History. The student understands how individuals, events, and issues through the Mexican National Era shaped the history of Texas. The student is expected to:
(A) compare the cultures of American Indians in Texas prior to European colonization such as Gulf, Plains, Puebloan, and Southeastern;

(9) Geography. The student understands the effects of the interaction between humans and the environment in Texas. The student is expected to:
(A) identify ways in which Texans have adapted to and modified the environment and explain the positive and negative consequences of the modifications;


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